Keystone Crisis Intervention Team

Bucks County Crisis Response Team | Keystone Crisis Intervention Team

Mission Statement

KCIT empowers local communities to support crime victims in their recovery from traumatic incidents by assessing the impact of the event on the community; developing an intervention plan; and providing crisis intervention by trained volunteer teams.

Vision Statement

All victims throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will have access to timely, competent and caring support by appropriately trained volunteers.

Our Core Values

Compassion Quality Responsiveness

When will the Team Respond?

Upon request, KCIT provides trained teams of professionals upon request, to serve any community within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania where a crime has taken place. Examples of such crime would be: criminal incidents of a nature that the entire community is thrust into grief; crimes affecting children, such as school shootings; cluster suicides; or multiple deaths from any criminal activity.

How is the Team Requested?

The KCIT can be accessed 24 hours a day through the Network of Victim Assistance. An official request or invitation should come from someone with authority at the site of the criminal incident. Generally, team members can respond within 24 – 48 hours. The individual or agency requesting the KCIT may be asked to assist the team leader in arranging overnight accommodations. In addition, the KCIT will require assistance in locating a private area in a public building to provide training to local community members and to hold group crisis intervention sessions for crime victims.

What Services Will the Team Provide?

KCIT will help local decision makers to identify the groups at risk of experiencing trauma. KCIT members will lead one or more group crisis intervention sessions to demonstrate how these private meetings can help victims begin to talk about their reactions to the trauma and cope. Training will be provided to the community care-givers to assist them in meeting the ongoing community needs. In addition, KCIT will coordinate with other crisis response teams. This serves to ensure comprehensive, community-wide services and seeks to avoid duplication of services.

What is the Cost of the Teams Crisis Intervention and Deployment Services?

There is no fee for the Keystone Crisis Intervention Team crisis response services, however, local community organizations may provide support. If local businesses are able to provide accommodations or meals, for example, this helps reduce team members’ out-of-pocket expenses.

What is a Community Crisis?

Whole communities, like individuals, may suffer trauma in the aftermath of a criminal event. The community may suffer from an effect similar to paralysis. While almost everyone is in shock, individual reactions may vary. Individuals may experience a wide variety of unexpected emotions.

How Can the Team Help?

The experienced crisis responders in the community who would normally be called upon to help, may have also been involved in the crisis as members of the community. For this reason, it often helps to have outsiders come for a short period of time to offer information and suggestions on how to prepare to respond to the community’s distress.

Team Membership

KCIT membership requires the successful completion of the Basic 30-hour Crisis Response Training and annual simulation or deployment participation. KCIT members are volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds including victim services, law enforcement, school personnel and mental health professionals.

KCIT Crisis Response Trainings

KCIT offers the 3.5-day Basic Crisis Response Training annually to increase the capacity of the crisis response trained professionals and to build team membership.

KCIT provides crisis response training to organizations upon request. Information covered will include:

  • The physical, emotional and behavioral responses to trauma
  • Short term and long term impact of trauma
  • Resiliency and coping strategies to deal with trauma

These trainings will focus on the specific needs of the requesting organization. Contact the KCIT Project Coordinator at 215-343-6543 for more information and a schedule of fees.

Upcoming Trainings…

Basic Crisis Response Training 
Date: June 19-22, 2017 – all day training
Place: Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, State College, PA
Cost: $250 (includes hotel, training materials, breakfast and lunch each day)
Contact: Michelle Kern at 215-343-6543 or
Application Deadline: May 12, 2017

To Request KCIT Deployment & Crisis Intervention Services, Contact:

KCIT’s Toll Free 24/7 Hotline

Keystone Crisis Intervention Team Website

For additional information about KCIT, trainings and membership, please contact:
Network of Victim Assistance
Michelle Kern at 215.343.6543 or