NOVA Thrift Shop

NOVA Thrift Shop store front

Located just west of Doylestown on Route 313. All proceeds benefit NOVA – helping victims of crime in Bucks County.

How You Can Help the Thrift Shop

  • Go through your cupboards, attics, closets, garages, and basement.
  • Bring us ‘cool stuff’ that’s clean and in good repair.
  • Tell your friends to do the same.

We are always looking for great items to sell in our shop! Thank you to our generous donors who help us keep the shelves and racks filled with wonderful merchandise, our volunteers who graciously give their time to help keep the shop running smoothly, and our loyal customers whose purchases help support NOVA’s mission of supporting victims of crime in Bucks County.

See our volunteer page if you are interested in volunteering at NOVA Thrift Shop, or talk to a manager at the shop anytime during business hours.

A Little Bit About NOVA’s Thrift Shop

Urban Archeologist clip artWe are so fortunate to have become a destination for many who are looking to stretch their dollars here in Bucks County. Our parking lot is always filled with customers looking for “the right item at the right price at the right time”. The shop has grown substantially since opening in 2001. We started out in one corner of the building and now occupy the entire space. We have grown every year thanks to the dedicated work of our volunteers, the generosity of our donors and our bargain hunting customers. Since there is no room for expansion in our current space, NOVA Thrift Shop is planning to move into a brand new building on Route 313 and Broad Street at some point in 2016 (Stay tuned for more news about this move as information becomes available!)

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