Individual Counseling

NOVA provides one-on-one short-term counseling to help victims, their family members and significant others identify and work through thoughts and feelings surrounding their victimization. On average, the duration of counseling ranges from 10 to 12 sessions over three to four months.

Counselors are master’s trained and specialize in the area of abuse and victimization. It is NOVA’s goal to help facilitate a healthy recovery process for all victims and their loved ones, and to assist clients in their effort to regain a sense of empowerment and control over their lives. Referrals are provided for those who wish to continue therapy beyond short-term intervention.

Group Counseling

NOVA offers support groups to assist individuals who have experienced issues of victimization. The goal of this group interaction is to facilitate an environment where clients can be safe and share their experiences. Group participation can assist clients with additional insight, interaction and support to deal with issues related to victimization and encourage them to begin to take control of their lives.

NOVA’s  support groups are time-limited and confidential and facilitated by a master’s  level counselor. An intake and screening process determines if a particular  group will meet the needs of a client.

For more information call NOVA’s hotline: 1-800-675-6900

NOVA offers the following groups on a regular basis:

  • Homicide Survivors
  • Rape Survivors
  • Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Assault

NOVA  also provides support groups on an as-need basis. Groups begin meeting only  when a sufficient number of participants are confirmed:

  • Adolescent Sexual Assault
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Assault
  • Parents Support Group
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Support

Play Therapy

Many times, children do not have the ability to fully and freely express their feelings or understand the reactions they are experiencing from the victimization. Play therapy allows counselors to step into the child’s world of imaginative play, where a child can come to terms with many of the fears and hurts he or she is experiencing from the victimization. This interaction gives the child a chance to heal from the emotional injuries caused by the trauma.

Mobile School Counseling

With a growing waiting list for counseling, our staff cannot always respond in the way we would like, particularly with children who have limited time or transportation options. We decided to start a mobile counseling program in area schools to provide counseling services to children who cannot come to one of our offices. Our response time is quicker and children miss fewer appointments, helping to improve outcomes.