NOVA Board of Directors

NOVA’s Board of Directors currently has eighteen (17) members who are selected through a nominating committee process. Directors serve for a term of three (3) years and are limited to two terms before rotating off the Board for at least one year. The Board is the governing body and is responsible for the strategic decisions, financial oversight, and resource development of the agency. NOVA’s Board develops a strategic plan for the agency and is comprised of 7 committees and 5 subcommittees. The Board meets six times a year as a full Board and the Executive Committee meets the alternate months as needed. All board members must adhere to the By-Laws as amended June 19, 2012.

NOVA Board of Directors

Dorothy Gaboda,  President
Community Volunteer

Karen Kern, Vice President
Penn Foundation

Jillian Goldman,  Secretary
Schiller Grounds Care

William Aquila, Treasurer
Waypoint Financial, LLC

Kareem Afzal
PDC Machines, Inc.

Sueng Hee Choi
The College of New Jersey

Morgan Cooper
Univest Bank & Trust Co.

Benjamin M. Derby
Super Enterprises

Christina Greenwood
Community Volunteer

Christopher R. Grezlak
Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Robert Hills
Community Volunteer

Jonathan Kassa
Allied Universal Security Services

Marianne Kepler
Bucks County Community College

Sarah Larson
Furia Rubel Communications

Constance Lindenmuth

Michelle L. Obetz
Kreischer Miller

Gwendolyn Sims
EC Fence & Iron Works, Inc.

Hon. Mark S. Schweiker
Renmatix, Inc.
44th Governor Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Penelope R. Ettinger
Executive Director