Children & Youth with Developmental Disabilities

Healthy Relationship Education for Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities

NOVA offers practice-informed programs for children, youth and young adults who have developmental disabilities and are borderline or above in intellectual functioning, to help them learn how to develop healthy relationships.

Healthy boundaries are the permissible and safe guidelines for interpersonal interactions. However, people with developmental disabilities frequently struggle to recognize, understand, establish and implement safe interpersonal boundaries.

Safety Matters

Safety Matters is a multi-session program that addresses personal boundaries, appropriate and inappropriate touches and requests, assertiveness skills, public vs. private distinctions and support resources.  Lessons utilize visuals, role modeling, social stories and interactive activities.

Audience: Mid to high functioning children ages 7 through 12 with IDD

A corresponding parent program is available.

SHARE (Smart Healthy Appropriate Relationship Education)

NOVA’s SHARE program is a multisession program designed for teens and young adults with IDD to build awareness, self-advocacy, and skills to navigate positive social interactions. SHARE addresses social issues such as personal boundaries, friendships, dating, serious relationships, consent, sexual harassment, and technology safety.

Audience: Mid to High functioning teens and young adults with IDD

A corresponding parent program is available.

For more information or to discuss program availability, contact Mary Worthington, Primary Prevention Coordinator, at 215-343-6543 ext. 6701 or by email at


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