Professional Conferences

The Bucks Coalition Against Trafficking professional conference is a biennial event that brings together healthcare providers, law enforcement professionals, social service providers, businesses and victim advocates. This conference focuses on the current and varied trafficking situations in Bucks County and Southeastern Pennsylvania and promotes the importance of a multidisciplinary, coordinated response. Past conferences included a keynote address by a survivor of sexual exploitation.

The purpose of the Bucks County Conference on Crimes Against Children is to engage professionals from various fields that confront child abuse to develop and enhance their knowledge and skills in the recognition, investigation, treatment and prevention of child abuse. The conference brings national, state and local experts to Bucks County to present best practices for approaching multidisciplinary investigations. On average, this conference attracts 300 law enforcement, prosecution, child welfare, victim services, mental health and medical professionals.

The Bucks Rainbow Allies conference is a one-day conference for community professionals to learn about how to provide competent services to the LGBTQ+ community in Bucks County, PA. The annual conference has two or three speakers, a keynote speaker, as well as a panel presentation and discussion. Each year, the Bucks Rainbow Allies conference focuses on a specific theme, such as LGBTQ+ youth or healthcare for LGBTQ+ individuals. This conference will take learners above the 101 topic level of providing services to LGBTQ+ individuals. We ask that attendees come with a basic understanding of LGBTQ+ identity and development information.

The Keystone Crisis Intervention Team (KCIT) Community Crisis Response conference is a sesquiennial event that focuses on national trends in community crisis response. Past speakers have included victims from Columbine and Virginia Tech mass violence incidents. This conference strives to bring together diverse professionals to learn and prepare for community responses.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Forensic Conference is a result of a close collaboration between the forensic nursing programs at NOVA and Abington Jefferson Hospital. The objective of the conference is to engage a diverse group of speakers who bring a variety of perspectives on issues important to the field of forensic nursing, Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs) and other disciplines providing support to victims of sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Our hope is that the information shared will encourage conversations that matter and enhance current or developing practices. This conference is appropriate for forensic nurses, law enforcement, victim advocates, counselors, prosecutors and others with an interest in expanding their knowledge on these important issues.

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