Young Professional Advisory Board


By training diverse and committed Young Professionals to effectively
participate on the boards of nonprofit organizations


Board membership is something you rarely hear young professionals discuss. There is often a perception held by many that it’s something you do later in your career, when you’re “older”, “wiser”, “more experienced.” This, however, SHOULD be farther from the truth.

DESCRIPTION: NOVA’s Young Professional Advisory Board is a comprehensive training program for young professionals interested in serving on nonprofit boards. The program teaches participants how to leverage their leadership skills more effectively and became successful board members through content-rich trainings and the execution of a board driven fundraising event.

MISSION: To be an ambassador to NOVA by working towards its mission to support, counsel and empower victims of sexual  assault and other serious crimes in Bucks County and work to prevent and eliminate violence in society through advocacy, training, community education and prevention programs.

GOALS: To develop nonprofit board leadership service skills in members; to mentor and foster those who have a desire to serve the Bucks County community; to match the skills and interests of members to other organizations and to become familiar with, raise awareness of, and raise funds in support of the mission and operations of NOVA.

Training sessions include:

  • Board Landscapes, Roles, and Functions
  • Fundraising
  • Legal and Ethical Responsibilities
  • Financial Accountability/Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Public Affairs/Public Policy/Public
The benefits run both ways. Board service is a unique form of volunteering that offers young people opportunities to grow as leaders and as professionals.Digital natives, who are familiar with social networking, get a chance to learn how to apply their unique perspectives to further causes they care deeply about.Early in their careers, Millennials who serve on boards get to glimpse the business and legal sides of nonprofit organizations — sure to increase their savvy as they further their careers.Finally, boards consist of people working at businesses and organizations across fields, sector, issue, and role. Often, other board members will be more established in their careers and can play formal or informal mentoring roles for younger board members.

Source: Why young professionals should consider board service; posted by Idealist on September 28, 2011; Amy Potthast.

For Young Professionals, board work can be a great way to give back to your community or country, will give you direct experience in financial and personnel management and organizational strategy, and can expose you to senior contacts at a variety of other companies and organizations.


2012-2013 Young Professional Advisory Board Members
Alexandra Brzyski, Health Strategies Group
John Ciocca, Thompson Lexus, Thompson Organization
Ben Derby, Universal Fabric Structures Inc
Chris Grezlak, Glaxo Smith Kline
Megan Grezlak, BioPharm Communications
Christi Schofield, 95 North Marketing & Design
Lindsay E. Vaughan, Bucks County District Attorney’s Office


2013-2014 Young Professional Advisory Board Members
Maureen Bergey, Penn Foundation
Rachel Burke, Children of America
Heather Davis, Matcor, Inc.
Tom Gannon, Bucks County District Attorney’s Office
Alissa Garrison, Children of America
Kimberly Lipyanik, QNB
William Marren, DPI Specialty Foods
Morgan Nau, Univest Bank and Trust Co.


2014-2015 Young Professional Advisory Board Members
Michelle Clinger, Matcor
Tricia Feinthel, YMCA
Jillian Goldman, Schiller Grounds Care
Dawn Haaz, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bucks County
Jill Jackson, Tabor Children’s Services
Sara Janiec, First Federal of Bucks County
Steve Jones, Begley Carlin & Mandio
Karthik Kovuru, Verilogue
Young Professional Advisory Board of 2014

“The collective Young Professionals Board experience was extremely beneficial professionally and personally rewarding, as a result of both the training and hands-on project experience. The training on non-profits, NOVA’s mission and programs, fundraising and on general board responsibilities was particularly helpful. …the training provided a critical foundation for successful participation in the Young Professional Board and the NOVA Executive Board.

The highlight of the experience for me was planning and executing the No BULLying Run. I enjoyed the creative freedom we were afforded, and benefitted from the diverse group of individuals we had assembled. I found the experience personally gratifying as a result of seeing the direct impact a group of us could have an a community by bringing people together in support of a cause, and the indirect impact by raising money for NOVA which will get funneled back into the community by way of training and prevention programs.”

Christopher Grezlak, CBI Program Director, GlaxoSmithKline
Graduating member of 2013 Young Professional Advisory Board, NOVA
Current NOVA Executive Board Member


“First of all – I ALWAYS love training and becoming more educated. I think that the training was an excellent component of the junior board. I know much more about nonprofits now than I ever would have without NOVA. I learned the feeling and accomplishment from helping others and helping the community that you simply cannot get anywhere else. I never knew this feeling before until experiencing the run (NO BULLying Run). I learned that a simple donation of my time and energy in the right places can have more of an impact than I ever imagined. I want to know how to make our community a better place (something that I never knew I wanted), and my experience on the junior board helped me do this.”

Did the overall experience change your perception of nonprofit work? “YES. I think the biggest misperception I had was that I thought that board members needed to have a lot of money to donate. I understand that board members need to donate something, and I totally understand and agree with this and happy to donate what I can; however since I am fairly new in my professional career, I don’t have as much money to donate as I would like. One of the things that I love about NOVA is that NOVA appreciates the time and energy that I am able to give. I know it’s not money, but I know that I am appreciated for my time and energy which makes me want to give more!”

Alexandra J. Brzyski, Analyst, Health Strategies Group
Graduating member of 2013 Young Professional Advisory Board, NOVA
Current NOVA Executive Board Member


Contact: Mandy Mundy, director of education and training

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