Children with Developmental Disabilities

NOVA’s  Personal Safety Prevention Program for Children with Developmental Disabilities

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Student Programs
Building  upon more than a quarter century of experience as prevention education  practitioners, NOVA offers a  practice-informed personal safety curriculum for children with developmental disabilities (ages 7 through 12). This multi-lesson program addresses defining personal boundaries, types of touch, assertiveness skills, public vs. private distinctions, and disclosure skills.  The  lessons utilize visuals, role modeling, social stories, interactive activities, non-competitive games, and take home activities to provide optimal outcomes for each student. Programs are available for children with ASDs and children with intellectual disabilities.

Overview of Student Curriculum  Lessons:

  • All About Me
  • Just Right Space
  • It’s  All My Body
  • OK Touches
  • Not OK Touches
  • Ways To Say No
  • Public and Private Places
  • Telling Someone
  • Talking About Touching
  • Celebration

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Parent and Staff Programs
Collaboration with participating schools and parents is essential to the program. NOVA works to build relationships, increase  knowledge, and promote active involvement with adults who may have the opportunity to intervene or prevent abuse from occurring. Before beginning a student program, two separate informational meetings are held.  First,NOVA educators meet with teachers and paraprofessionals to exchange information  and learn about each student’s developmental and cognitive strengths and challenges.  Then, parents are invited to attend a program to meet the prevention educators, learn about the student program, and address questions or concerns.  The following week, the multi-lesson student program begins.


NOVA – Empowering Children About Their Personal Safety:


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