Professional Trainings

NOVA staff is trained in a variety of topics and offer expertise to provide high quality and practical training.  Along with an extensive list of established trainings, we can also customize and develop or tailor trainings to meet the needs of your request.  These trainings are offered on site at your business/workplace.

  • Trauma Informed Care: Working with clients who seek healing and recovery with the support of mental health and human services and have trauma histories.
  • Mandated Reporting- Do You Know the NEW Laws?
  • Human Trafficking
  • Media and Sexual Violence
  • Sexual Violence in Disasters
  • Sexual Violence and HIV
  • Stalking
  • Child Sexual Assault and Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law
  • Crisis Response and Reactions
  • Family Violence – “The Shattering Impact”
  • Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault- Date Rape Drugs
  • Elder Abuse
  • Hate Crimes
  • Identity Theft Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft (.pdf 112KB)    If You Are A Victim of Identity Theft (.pdf 68 KB)
  • History of Victim Rights
  • NOVA Services Overview
  • Personal Physical Safety for the Workplace
  • Sexual Assault and Adults with Disabilities
  • Sexual Assault and Children with Disabilities
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention for the Workplace
  • Speaker’s Bureau- Public Speaking Empowerment and Tips
  • Victims and the Criminal Justice System
  • Training for Hair Stylists – “When a Client Tells All”

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