Interactive programs using exercises and videos  targeted to the middle and high school ages which emphasize prevention and protection from various crimes. Providing appropriate learning experiences that help teens recognize safety issues and make good decisions. The following is a list and description of the programs we will deliver on-site to teens. All programs offer accompanying parent and teacher training.

Healthy Relationships:   This program highlights characteristics of healthy versus unhealthy relationships and empowers listeners to create healthy relationships  in their lives.

Harassment:   This program examines the  differences between joking and harassment while helping students identify the effects of each on a victim. It emphasizes strategies on how to handle harassment and the importance of bystanders.

Cyberbullying:   Increasingly, adolescents bully and harass others via computers and cell phones. This program emphasizes the importance of a code of conduct as well as the concept of victim empathy in curtailing the rampant abuse by electronic media.

Internet Safety:   This program is directed to the use of digital technology and how students can protect themselves and their information while using the Internet with a computer, phone, or gaming system.  It also addresses social networking and the risks involved in using social  media.

Sexual Harassment:   Utilizing the structure of our Harassment program, the focus of discussion and activities is  placed on harassment that is gender-based. The program distinguishes flirting  versus harassment while assisting participants to identify personal safety resources and skills.

Party Drugs:   This three session program covers sexual assault  and date rape, the use of alcohol, its effects and use as a weapon, and the use of pharmaceuticals as a means to commit sexual assault. It also discusses  prevention methods and skills.

Rape Awareness:    This program dispels myths  surrounding rape while providing facts and information useful to students. It  assists individual in identifying methods of reducing their risk of becoming a  sexual assault victim.

Dating Violence:   A joint program co-presented with  A Woman’s Place, this program discusses the importance of prevention of violence in relationships. Stalking is also discussed during this training. Healthy relationship strategies are emphasized  to help reduce/prevent interpersonal violence.

Sexting:   This program is designed to  inform students about what sexting is, and its connections to unhealthy  relationships. This program also discusses the dangers of digital media and the  possible ramifications of unsafe decision making.

Conflict Resolution:   Conflict Resolution helps students understand and identify when they are angry and behaviors associated with their anger. The program helps participants to develop skills and strategies for resolving conflict.

Alternative Education:   A ten session course which encompasses the Healthy Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Cyberbullying, Internet Safety, Dating Violence, Party Drug, Rape Awareness and Victim Empathy programs. In this comprehensive program, students are given the skills to assist them in dealing with the unique challenges facing adolescents today.

Specialized Programs:   NOVA offers specialized programs on topics such as Mandated  Reporting, Media’s Influence on Teens, Sexual Harassment Prevention in the  Workplace, and Victim Empathy Training. NOVA can also custom design a program to include any of our programs to meet your specific needs.

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