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1. Be the child’s voice.

2. The right time to teach kids about abuse is any time.

3. Don’t give body parts nicknames. Teach the proper names for body parts. Nicknames can create confusion.

4. Dresser drawers stay closed. Bedroom doors stay open.

5. Trust your “gut” feeling – your instincts are telling you something.

6. Children have the right to say NO to receiving unwanted touch — by anyone.

7. Allow children to decide who they want to show affection to – hugs are not mandatory.

8. Teach kids that healthy relationships have surprises, not secrets.

9. Respect boundaries — high fives, not hugs.

10. Two adults to one child, in all youth-serving settings.

There’s much more to learn. Get trained to join a growing group of CSA Stoppers in Bucks County and learn what you can do to protect all children in your life.

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CSA Stoppers in Bucks County

NOVA is part of an initiative to train 5% of Bucks County adults in CSA awareness and prevention.

We’re on our way — help us keep going!

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About NOVA and the CSA Prevention Program

Since 1974, Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA) has served as Bucks County’s center for victim services, crisis support, community education, and prevention programs. NOVA is dedicated to reducing the incidence of crime through prevention education programs for Bucks County schools, community groups and professionals.

NOVA has joined forces with Penn State University, the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Deliquency, and other local organizations for the Safe and Healthy Communities Initiative, designed to reduce the rates of child sexual abuse through evidence-based programs.

The goal: train 5% of adults in Bucks County by 2021.

The two-hour training, entitled Darkness to Light: Stewards of Children, is available to all Bucks County adults at no charge. Attend one of our scheduled trainings at a location convenient to you, or contact us to bring the training to your workplace, school, organization, or place of worship.

Can’t attend an in-person training?
Complete the program online!

Penny Ettinger, NOVA’s Executive Director, and Grace Wheeler, County Coordinator for the Safe and Healthy Communities Initiative, spoke about CSA prevention on NBC10 @ Issues.


Get confidential support and information 24 hours a day.

Thank you for helping us work to end Child Sexual Abuse in Bucks County!

What Our Neighbors Are Saying

Slide "We have to educate people and make sure that they know and understand that these things do happen in the real world, whether we like it or not, whether we keep our eyes open or closed. This training is the spark that we have needed to hopefully eradicate child abuse forever. I hope and pray that we are successful." — Bucks County DA Matthew Weintraub Slide “Protecting our children is priority for county government, but it needs to be a priority for each & every one of us.” — Former Bucks County Commissioner Robert Loughery Slide "I believe this training should be mandatory for all parents and those who work with children.
It presented me with real-life examples and concrete steps to take to reduce child sexual abuse."
— Community CSA Stopper
Slide "Very important information, useful and critical. I believe that every single adult needs to know about this." — Community CSA Stopper

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Please do not provide any information regarding victimization – call our confidential hotline at 1-800-675-6900.

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PCCD Subgrant

This project was supported by PCCD Subgrant # 2017-ES-IA-27956, awarded by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD). The opinions, findings and conclusions expressed within this publication/program/exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of PCCD.

COVID-19: Important Update on Services

During this difficult time, Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA) staff will be working remotely and will continue to serve clients and the community.
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Note: If you are in imminent danger or experiencing an emergency, please dial 911