Volunteer at NOVA Thrift Shop

Volunteer at NOVA Thrift Shop
100% of our profits support victims of crime in Bucks county. In order to keep our operating expenses as low as possible, we count on a great group of volunteers to help us run the Thrift Shop. We think it is a great place to work and we are always looking for additional volunteers.

Why should I consider volunteering at NOVA Thrift Shop?
Our volunteers tell us that they like to come here because they understand that they are supporting services for victims of crime in Bucks County and because it is a fun, friendly and supportive place to volunteer.

When can I volunteer?
Volunteers are welcome to work anytime during the week that is convenient for them. Most volunteers commit to a 2 to 8 hour shift once or twice a week but we are happy to have your help at any time.

What does a volunteer do?
There are a variety of tasks that need to be done every day to keep this beautiful store running. Volunteer jobs include working at the cash register, sorting, pricing, hanging clothing or merchandising items to making the store look nice. Volunteers are welcome to try any or all of these jobs and find something that they love to do.

Who can volunteer?
Anyone over 16 with a friendly disposition who can spare a few hours each week. Most of our work requires you to stand on your feet and easily walk around the store.

How do I get started as a volunteer?
You will need to fill out a short application and after that you just sign up to work whenever it is convenient for you. We orient you and teach you all you need to know. No retail experience necessary!