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The Bucks County Children’s Advocacy Center, which is under the auspices of the Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA), is a partnership between the Bucks County Children and Youth Social Services Agency, Bucks County District Attorney’s Office, Bucks County Health Improvement Partnership, NOVA and all local law enforcement agencies.   The Bucks County Children’s Advocacy Center provides a safe, child friendly environment where law enforcement, child protective services, prosecution, victim advocacy, medical and mental health professionals can collaborate in order to develop effective, coordinated strategies to investigate reports of suspected child abuse, as well as promote a healthy healing process.  These strategies are child-focused and unique based on each individual situation.


With more than 800 reports of child abuse in Bucks County each year, the Bucks County Children’s Advocacy Center provides a setting in which children can receive timely collaborative services from agencies mandated by law to investigate reports of child abuse.  The predominant approach to child abuse investigations at the Children’s Advocacy Center is the multi-disciplinary team model.  This approach supports enhanced communications between the various agencies that respond to allegations of child abuse.

Transforming the system, the Bucks County Children’s Advocacy Center provides a child-friendly setting where a skilled team of professionals come together under one roof to investigate child abuse allegations, conduct forensic interviews and connect children and families with therapy, victim services and medical evaluations – always keeping the best interest of the child in mind.  For more information:


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